Sally O’Neill is a Graduate Gemologist (GG) from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as well as a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA). These credentials are a sign of a reputable appraiser. Sally O’Neill is highly qualified to appraise your jewelry.

Additionally, she has been designing, making and selling jewelry as well as collecting vintage and antique pieces for over 40 years. SHE KNOWS JEWELRY!

A thorough appraisal will include laboratory work to inspect and gather information about the piece, market research to compare similar pieces and the writing of the appraisal. The responsibility of the appraiser is to fairly and objectively put all relevant facts on the table so you are fully informed.


Types and Reasons for Appraisals

There are several types of appraisals each with their own required market level and corresponding value.

There are many legitimate reasons for seeking an official appraisal including for insurance replacement, determining the value of an estate when people pass away, settlement for divorce or bankruptcy, verification of a purchase or simply wanting to know what you have so you can divide fairly among your family.

Insurance Replacement Appraisals 

Any time you insure property, you will need proof of the item’s value in order to recover the monetary worth.

The most common type of appraisal is done for insurance replacement purposes in the event that your jewelry is lost, stolen or damaged. These are written appraisals required by your insurance company to provide an accurate description (including identity, condition and value) of the property.  It is a good idea to find out from your insurance company exactly how much is normally covered.    That will give you an idea of whether you need an appraisal and additional coverage. 

Fair Market Appraisals
Primarily the courts for estate or divorce settlement purposes require these. However, they are also appropriate for customers wishing to know what they should charge if they were to put their property up for sale to another member of the public. A definition of Fair Market Value is “Probable price at which a willing buyer will buy from a willing seller and that neither buyer or seller is under any compulsion to buy or sell”. Research and market comparisons will be done.

Liquidation Appraisals
Individuals, banks, estates, among others may need a liquidation value appraisal in order to know what the immediate and reasonable cash value of the items they possess are worth. This estimated amount will be lower than other types of appraisals.

Retail Pricing Appraisals
This is for the retail jeweler who has acquired antique or estate jewelry and needs accurate identification information and pricing value. Information will be given about the specific period, style, condition, quality and retail value.


No Charge Offer to Purchase

If you are interested in selling your jewelry there is no charge or obligation if you wish to receive my offer.

Consultation Service

CONSULTATIONS AND JEWELRY BOX EVALUATIONS- offered at $70 per hour with a $35 minimum

The consultation will offer the opportunity for clients with a small or large collection of jewelry, to find out what they have and what to do with it. If you have pieces that merit an official appraisal, an estimate will be given at this time.

An hour will normally accommodate up to 10 pieces. The hourly rate applies. If you have a very large collection of at least 30 pieces, a discount will be given. We will look over the jewelry and test the diamonds, pearls and metals.  The knowledge that you will gain at this meeting will give you peace of mind in knowing more about what you have and how to move forward.

This service is performed while you wait, and your jewelry is always in your presence.

Monetary values of property cannot be assessed at a consultation, as further research would be required. 

Official Appraisal

The appraisal includes a complete written analysis and valuation of your property. It may also include mapping of the major diamonds. Photographs will be provided. The electronic PDF copy of the appraisal document will be emailed to you and the official hard copy can either be picked up or mailed.

We will start with the take-in process where information will be gathered about your jewelry items.  You are welcome to be present and wait.  Please set aside between 30-45 minutes for this appointment.  If more time is required I will let you know.  Afterwards you will take your property with you.   The final appraisal normally takes up to two weeks to complete.

Appraisal Fees start at $125 for the first piece of Jewelry.

First Appraisal- $125

Second Appraisal- $75

Additional charges may apply depending on number of stones to be evaluated and other factors. An estimate of the appraisal will be given before any work is performed.


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